Leadership and collaboration for economic innovation and inclusive growth

The Government Technical Advisory Centre and Economies of Regions Learning Network jointly hosted a Dialogue on Priorities for Inclusive Growth on 17 March 2016. Delegates received a presentation from the McKinsey Global Institute on a report entitled South Africa’s Big Five: Bold Priorities for Inclusive Growth. The report proposes that South Africa focus on five priority areas, namely: advanced manufacturing, infrastructure, natural gas, service exports and agriculture. This provided the stimulus for a panel discussion on priorities for inclusive growth for South Africa.


Panelists included leading economist, Dr Neva Makgetla, Mr Ronald Ramabulana (Chief Executive Officer of the National Agricultural Marketing Council) and Owen Willcox (Chief Director: Economic Services at the National Treasury). Delegates also received overview inputs that outlined what was entailed in the national and provincial budgets of South Africa and in the State of Province Addresses.

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