Leadership and collaboration for economic innovation and inclusive growth

Practice Guides

Guide-picThe practice guides are aimed at economic development practitioners working at sub-national level and straddle both the economic and spatial domains. They have been conceived as a set of modular components that will be updated and expanded based on the work and activities of the ERLN, and when and where the members of the ERLN (the economic development practitioners) identify aspects where some form of standard or agreed approach and practice will be useful. 

Practice Guide 5: Economic Development Policy Frameworks in SA

This document provides a summary of the National Framework for Economic Development (2006-2011), followed by a summary of the position on LED taken by the South African Local Government Association (SALGA). Thereafter, consideration is given to some of the central pillars of economic policy in South Africa, and their relevance to LED or more broadly Economic Development. It must be stressed that regional economic development is not LED. But understood as an approach to economic development, many of the concerns, policy frameworks and approaches used in LED can be applied. 

Practice Guide 6: The role of clusters in economic development

This is a note on cluster development strategies. Competition between enterprises is a function of normal market processes, but co-operation between them requires the active development of networks. In a cluster, such networks are enhanced by partnerships with other relevant institutions such as universities, research institutes and public bodies.

Practice Guide 7: Understanding value-chains

This provides a conceptual overview of value chains and how to work with them in developing an economic strategy.

Practice Guide 8: Addressing youth employment and skills

This provides an overview of the issues and challenges. It also outlines a variety of programmes and strategies that support youth employment and skilling. In addition, there is a Practitioners’ Note and a variety of presentations emanating from the ERLN focus on youth employment and skills development.