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The Economies of Regions Learning Network in partnership with the University of KwaZulu-Natal and KwaZulu-Natal Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs offered Foundations of Graphic Facilitation Training on 10 June 2015. This entailed a one day introductory training in visioning and strategic planning utilising Graphic Facilitation. Graphic facilitation is a blend of live drawing and facilitation methodologies used in planning, problem solving, thinking, learning, coaching, goal-setting and team processes.

The training was offered by Sonja Niederhumer, a graphic harvester and visual facilitator, using international best practice methodologies. This foundational training included: Visual foundations: Elementary visual vocabulary, graphic shapes, text containers & symbols Different drawing materials & use of colour Figures in different postures, situations, emotions Lettering and handwriting Visual processes and models for: Visioning Strategic Planning Implementation Practice and integration: Public listening & visual recording techniques, how to map a live conversation Lots of hands on practice with feedback from the facilitator and group

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