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The first learning network event of the ERLN was held in the Western Cape on 06 March 2012. This was an introductory one day meeting which focussed on gaining a shared understanding of the status quo of Regional Economic Development Initiatives in the three regions represented, including organisation of regional economic delivery systems. Participants from Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal and Western Cape where each was asked to present what the province has been doing in terms of Regional Economic Development and share lessons on what has worked and what hasn’t.

Senior officials from the Province and City Municipalities shared the stage. Each province was presented with the challenge of giving an overview that was succinct and highlighted key initiatives. Question and answer sessions were held after each presentation set. Thereafter an international perspective was presented in the form of a Case Study on London Borough of Lambeth. At this meeting it was also determined whether there was an appetite for the establishment of the Economies of Regions Learning Network. Attendees gave an indication of how they would like to see the network being shaped, including format, members, roles and responsibilities, ideas for themes and who would host the next meeting. 

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